Rahm Emanuel meets J3

September 19, 2010
Rahm Emanuel (D- Old Ravenswood) continues to be among the leading faces the media discusses regarding a mayoral bid in 2011. Last week it was revealed the current White House Chief of Staff commissioned a poll of voters and met with US Congressman (and potential rival for mayor) Jesse Jackson Jr. Emanuel has attracted a host of crazies on the web, with sites discussing how he supports Israeli terror to those that just plain don’t like the man. So, it pays to be careful what you read about him. However, I thought one content summary summed up his personality: Rahm for F*CK’N MAYOR. I don’t know if that’s a supportive site or not. In any case, while the media is buzzing about the meeting between J3 and Rahmbo, there is no word, yet, on the decisions made by our overseers.

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