Weather will be interesting

October 26, 2010
By Patrick Boylan "It's going to be an interesting winter," Tom Vollman, The Bulldog's resident weatherman warned Tuesday. Chicago and the Midwest are known as the Battleground, Vollman said. The current storm, with the media warning it is one of the worst in decades, is the first of the winter storms blowing in from the Pacific, he said. The Battleground, this winter in particular, will affect weather in Chicago and making it interesting, Vollman said. The Battleground is an area of colliding air masses between the warm wet Gulf mass and the cold and dry Canadian Shield mass. There will be a lot of percipitation: rain, snow, ice according to Vollman. Vollman, who worked for the Kansas City Times writing its weather, watched as winds blew through Rockwell Crossing early this morning. "This is just the beginning," Vollman said, "the first of the three day blows."
The Chicago area could experience an interesting winter

The Chicago area could experience an interesting winter according to Tom Vollman. Credit