201 Miles to Springfield: Some Aldermen not sharing the pain: Chicago News Coop

November 18, 2010
While Mayor Richard Daley has taken 25 furlough days off this year, reducing his pay by nearly ten percent, some aldermen are not cooperating, according to a study by the Chicago News Cooperative. Five aldermen have taken no days off according to the study. Of aldermen in the Ravenswood area, most have taken between 18 and 19 furlough days, with two, Eugene Schulter and Mary Ann Smith taking just 10 furlough days. That gives the two aldermen pay cuts of about four percent and ties them at 38th place among the 53 municipal office holders considered in the study. The report accompanying the study notes city employees have been asked to take 12 furlough days so far this year and will not be paid for an additional 12 holidays formerly paid by the city. The proposed city budget asks employees to continue the furloughs, taking five weeks off without pay, the report states. The figures are only through this month and future furlough days taken by each alderman may be different by the end of the year.
Name Office Furlough Days taken
Eugene Schulter Ald 47 10
Mary Ann Smith Ald 48 10
Dick Mell Ald 33 18
Pat O'Connor Ald 40 18
Tom Tunney Ald 44 18
Scott Waguespack Ald 32 19
Richard Daley Mayor 25

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