Committeemen taking applications for Osterman’s legislative seat

April 9, 2011
Progress Illinois breaks down the race to replace Illinois Rep. Harry Osterman in the 14th Illinois Legislative District. Osterman, who ran for the Springfield seat in November, won the race for 48th Ward Alderman in February. He will be sworn in on May 16. As previously reported in The Bulldog regarding replacing John Fritchey, Illinois law requires the committeemen of the party represented by the departing official to vote on a replacement, with their vote weighted by the vote received in the election of the official. Due to the weighting, the key vote will be held by Committeeman Carol Ronen. The four Democratic Committeemen are:
  • Carol Ronen (11,667) 54.44 percent
  • David Fagus (6,683) 31.18 percent
  • Patrick O'Connor (3,078) 14.36 percent
  • Ira Silverstein (4) 0.01 percent
Read more in Progress Illinois.

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