Illinois Congressional redistricting will punish GOP

May 19, 2011
A number of signs that the Republicans are in for a hard time when Congressional maps for redistricting are released soon. Several different sites are forecasting maps that will expand the Democratic portion of the Congressional delegation to from 11 to 13 seats. The Democrats currently hold eight seats. The Capitolfax site reports Charlie Cook updated a map proposal that would extend the Fifth Congressional District, currently held by Mike Quigley, into DuPage County. It "will take a bite out of the district of Rep. Peter Roskam, merging that district with GOP freshman Randy Holtgren. Swing State Project has been publishing maps that give the Democrats 14 seats in the delegation.  Holy Gerrymander, the map below creates a district that narrowly snakes from the Indiana border along the lake shore to Wisconsin and west to Lake in the Hills.

A Congressional remap proposal in Swing State Project would aim to push Congressman Dold from office by creating a district that stretched from Hegiswich to Lake in the Hills. Credit: Swing State Project

  Congressional redistricting is handled by the Statehouse, with maps expected to come out this week.

A comparison of the 2000 map created by the legislature and a 2010 proposal created by computer. Credit: bdistricting

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