Artists of the 47th OpenWall: Faces and Spaces

June 22, 2011
This Friday June 24th from 4-9  there will be an opening artists reception at the Office of Alderman Ameya Pawar, 4243 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL  60618 celebrating the art and artists of the ward. Alderman Pwayr has opened his doors and walls to artists of multiple medias and visions.  The 12 artists exhibiting are  Hiroshi Ariyama,  Bill Bartelt,  Nico Carmargo, Meredith Dytch, Patricia Larkin Green, Bill Moran, Mary Phelan, Ann Ponce, Emily Rapport, Hugh Spector, Larry Zgoda, Andrew Steiner,and  Bulldog photographer Jane Rickard. These artists all employ various  materials and visions in their art ,watercolors, acrylics, oil, stained glass, digital photography, shadowboxes and print making. Each carefully curated by Bill Moran Patricia Larkin Green. Every artist wrangled by Patricia Larkin Green they have managed to pull together the group of  voices into a well tuned choir. The exhibition will remain "open" during all office hours and for dedicated viewing of the art during several open houses yet to be announced.  Faces and Spaces is scheduled to be up until September, when a new vision of Chicago and the artists who create it will rule the walls.    

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