Deb Mell: Dear Prudence racist about Telemundo

June 24, 2011
A Tweet fight broke out between Illinois Representative Deb Mell and Margo Howard, better known as the author of the Dear Prudence column. The fight, involving just two tweets between the two, but then being picked up by media outlets, started when Howard asked on June 19 why Telemundo was noting the lengthy deliberations in the trial of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich: "Not sure why Telemundo cares. Their soap operas off?" Mell responded with a tweet: "Wow that is so racist." Howard defended her tweet, "Not racist at all, & not meant to be. Y would People in Mexico care? & they ARE known for their shows." "<@TemeundoChgo crews covering #Blagojevich each day> I knew that from the 1st trial, which I covered. Wondered why then" As seen in the line-up of the conversation Telemundo Chicago journalist Alba Mendiola then stepped in explaining the local presence and importance of Telemundo in the Chicago market. At that point Howard backed off her criticism. "I did not know you were a US outlet." Mell is the daughter of Ald. Dick Mell and the brother-in-law of Blagojevich. Mell has often been reported in court providing emotional support for Patti Blagojevich, her sister.

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