Windy City Rollers Second Wind vs. Wall Street Traitors

July 31, 2011
It was derby night in Chicago again Saturday night with the Windy City Rollers competing in their travel team home debut.  The first match of the night featured this year's battle for the Skyline cup, a rivalry between Windy City and the Gotham Roller Girls.  Traditionally the cup has been fought for by the each city's all star team, but this season the Second Wind took on the Wall Street Traitors to see who would get gloating rights until next season. The Second Wind leapt out to an early 37-1 lead and then continued to build on it through the entire match.  By half time a blow out was clearly in the offing as the Second Wind pulled away to a 101-31 lead.  Try as they might, the Traitors never gained much ground and the Second Wind sealed the deal with a 166-77 victory.

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