Outfit Syndicate vs. Burning River

August 14, 2011
Last night, the Chicago Outfit's Syndicate team, currently ranked 9th in the North Central division took on the 15th ranked Burning River.  While the odds were in the Syndicate's favor, it seemed that Burning River wasn't about to let the Outfit walk away with an easy victory. The Syndicate got out to an early 20-8 lead, but then Burning River started making the game a lot more interesting.  The gap closed quickly and Burning River took a 32-27 lead as the Syndicate suffered some critical penalties.  It was close, competitive, and both teams were being very physical. As the match wound down towards the end of the first half, the Syndicate got back into the game and by the time the half ended, they'd pulled ahead to a 51-33 lead.  After the turnaround, it was all down hill for Burning River with the Outfit scoring in jam after jam.  After looking like a potentially competitive game, the final score ended up being a blow out, 167 to 53.

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