Survey shows some schools still have K openings, some very tight

September 6, 2011
A survey of the 12 public schools in or serving the Ravenswood neighborhood show enrollment at some schools is very tight, while others can still accept Kindergarten enrollments. Eleven of the schools were neighborhood schools, meaning the schools have an attendance boundary. Only one of the neighborhood schools, Ravenswood, said it had no opening in Kindergarten classes remaining for today. According to the clerk at the school, Ravenswood had a waiting list of 200 for any openings in K Courtenay, a small school of just 164 students, said it had no openings. Courtenay is a North Area school, meaning parents across the North Region of the Chicago Public Schools may apply to attend the school. Trumbull reported to the Bulldog it had about ten openings left. Chappell and McPherson also reported openings. Waters, Hamilton, Bell, Coonley, Budlong, Blaine and Audubon all said they had openings, but only for children who lived within their districts. In total, 33 classes of Kindergarten will start today in the Ravenswood area. Bell reported the largest sized class: about 30. Most schools indicated the Kindergarten classes will be about 20 or less. Parents still wishing to enroll their five-year old in Kindergarten should immediately contact their neighborhood school for details on enrollment requirements.

About 200 families remain on a waiting list to place their child in Kindergarten at Ravenswood School, a survey found. Credit: Patrick Boylan

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