Horner Park comes off successful summer

September 13, 2011
The concert committee at the Horner Park Advisory Council reported the summer concert series was another success. Hundreds of people flocked to concerts held at Ravenswood Manor Park and at Horner Park the committee reported. "However we can't follow the same old model," committeechair John O'Connell. "It's a thankless situation" and I need help, he said. "The committee did a great job," Treasurer Kevin Anderson answered. The committee, which programs, publicizes and produces the concerts will be reorganizing in October for the 2012 summer series, it was announced. Community members interested in any aspect of the work should attend an October meeting to learn more. The date of the committee meeting will be set soon.

Proposed placement of eight replacement trees (dark green) at Ravenswood Manor Park. Credit: Horner Park Advisory Council

The other news dominating the council was efforts to close out the matching grant from Openlands to place eight trees in Ravenswood Manor. The council had set a goal of collecting $1,000. So far it has collected $990, it reported. The council hopes a person steps forward with the last $10 donation so that the campaign can be successfully closed. The campaign, called 'Put the Wood back in Ravenswood Manor' is a partnership with the Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association. It was started due to the loss of several trees in and around Ravenswood Manor Park. The city responded to the effort by planting four trees in the triangle of parkway surrounding the park. A tree planting will be held Sat., Oct. 1 at 9A at the park. Reports were received that police were responding to calls in Horner Park of dogs off leash. Weekends were particularly busy for ticket writing the committee heard. Finally a multi-million dollar series of projects is approaching a conclusion at the park. New facilities, including an elevator, ADA compliant work-out rooms, electrical infrastructure and other upgrades should be in place shortly. The committee heard a report that funding for the improvements came in part from federal stimulus money. To give money towards the Openlands matching grant, a project in partnership with the Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association.  

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