Monumental Mayhem: Outfit Falls to Arch Rival

October 7, 2011
After placing ninth in the WFTDA's North Central rankings, the Chicago Outfit secured themselves a seed at this year's North Central Regional tournament, Monumental Mayhem.  Not only would this be a first but with a victory in the first round of the tournament, the Outfit would face their Chicago rivals, Windy City, for the first time.  Alas, it wasn't to be as the Outfit narrowly lost to the aptly named Arch Rival Roller Girls. The match started off with Arch Rival getting out to an early lead but with some key penalties the Outfit was able to close the gap.  From there on it was a heated back and forth battle with neither team getting a lead big enough to rest comfortably on.  As the time wore down the final jam had Arch Rival in the lead with a solid eight point lead over the Outfit. As the last jam got under way it seemed that Arch Rival was going to take lead jam, but a major penalty put Arch Rival's jammer in the sin bin.  Seemingly the Outfit had the game in hand with plenty of time on the clock and two passes to win the game.  Credit to the Roller Girls though as they put up a strong defense that left the Outfit seemingly helpless to get the last three points that they needed. At the end, the Outfit's jammer ended up taking a major penalty in a last gasp effort to get the points they needed.  With that the Outfit's fate was sealed, 119 to 116 and the sizable contingent of Outfit fans fell silent as the last seconds ticked off the clock.

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