Historical Society mtg at Sulzer

October 22, 2011
The Ravenswood Lake View Historical Society will be meeting Tuesday. YOU can make history and join. We're cool. We're part of the 99 percent.
  • Annual meeting
  • Ravenswood Lake View Historical Society
  • Tues., Oct. 25; 6.30P
  • Sulzer Library; 4455 N Lincoln Ave
  • For more informationĀ Patbutler1940 (at) yahoo (dot) com
We're going with the geographic questions today: [poll id="7"] [poll id="8"] [poll id="10"] The answers to the previous quiz were:

Celery. Conrad Sulzer and other truck farmers in this area were known for growing celery. The area was nicknamed the Celery Capital as a result (really! Celery!)

All three answers are considered correct by some people. However, the daughter of the recording secretary of the Ravenswood Land Co. says the name was given because one of the owners came from a Ravenswood located in the East.

The correct answer here is sewers. The Township of Jefferson would not accept a sewerage outflow from the Township of Lake View. As a result Lake View would not allow Jefferson to build a pipeline to Lake Michigan. Townships in the City of Chicago are a memory, though they remain a government unit in most other Illinois counties. In Chicago property taxes are reassessed every third year for each township. Jefferson and Lake View (notice the lack of name change) will be reassessed next year.

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