Sniping Continues Between Fritchey and Waguespack

November 23, 2011
Examiner is reporting of new sniping between John Fritchey and Scott Waguespack. Both are competing for 32nd Ward Democratic Committeeman. Waguespack is the incumbent Alderman in the ward while Fritchey is the incumbent Democratic Committeeman, along with <A NAME="redirect">Ravenswood 12th District </A>Cook County Commissioner. According to the report, Fritchey recently criticized Waguespack for going along with the budget of new mayor Rahm Emanuel because that budget included the closure of the local police station, the 13th District at 937 N. Wood St. A movement has already started to try and save the police station. According to the site, "We are fortunate to be part of a vibrant and improving  neighborhood, but we border areas of the city which are dangerous.  Drive by shootings, muggings, rapes,  burglaries and graffiti is all around. "This Station services a large area of the city.  Closing this station will lead to a decay of  our community, our property values and safety. The physical structure and  strong police presence of Police in our neighborhood has been a beacon of  safety to our neighborhoods." The Democratic Committeeman in the 32nd Ward is a very lucrative and powerful position. Responsible for getting out Democratic voters, the 32nd Ward has traditionally been home to a ripe number of potential Democratic voters. *** Updated 11/29/2011 @ 12.50P. A clarification: Commissioner Fritchey represents the 12th Cook County District. The district includes substantial areas outside of Ravenswood on the North Side. Maps of the districts can be found on line. Click here to <A HREF="#redirect">read the new sentence.</A>***

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3 Responses to Sniping Continues Between Fritchey and Waguespack

  1. Moe on November 25, 2011 at 11:34 am

    I find it ironic that Fritchey is criticizing Waguespack for going along with Rahmbo’s budget when Fritchey went along and voted for Preckwinkle’s budget which included the alcohol tax increase. Fritchey didn’t vote for it when it was in the finance committee, but he sure went along with it at the end when he approved Preckwinkle’s budget.

  2. Brad on November 29, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    So you’re comparing Fritchey supporting a budget that included an alcohol tax that he voted against with Waguespack supporting a budget that closes TWO ward police stations, an issue that he didn’t even think was important enough to include in the letter that they submitted to the Mayor’s office? That’s not ironic, it’s absurd.

  3. Moe on December 1, 2011 at 10:38 am

    Two police stations that were underutilized and frankly probably a waste of money.

    And yes, I am comparing the two because Fritchey himself made a big deal about NOT supporting the alcohol tax by tweeting about his NO vote and then, in the end, going along with Preckwinkle’s budget anyway.