Chappell LSC OKs buy of 30 new laptops, add’l Spec Ed teacher

December 17, 2011
The Chappell Local School Council approved the purchase of 30 new laptops for the school and filed a vacancy for a special education instructor at its December 9 meeting. Principal Joseph Peila told the LSC there was strong support among parents for more art, with 90 percent indicating support for using 90 additional class minutes for art next year. Peila said parents were also supportive of additional time for science and dance. Parents indicated their support through feedback on forms, Peila said. The school will add 90 minutes to its day starting in the fall 2012 the LSC was told. The Principal also said he had worked with teachers to identify three students in each class to receive greater attention. Increasing academic achievement in some of these students would help the school meet its Annual Yearly Progress goals he said. Students at the school were working with designers towards upgrading the playground, the LSC learned. Students were encouraged to consider the differences in age from class to class in choosing equipment, colors and accessibility. "We'll be expanding the size of the playground due to the additional length of the school day," Peila explained.

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