Waters LSC- Waiting for Consensus

April 12, 2012
Waters School has a Kumbya feel. Fuzzy, environmental and tree hugging, Waters is the tie-dyed neighborhood school. So, it has been a challenge for Waters Local School Council to learn that it needs to adopt a formal approach to its meetings. The school is receiving high marks and Principal Titia Crespo is justified in pride in a school that is performing at Level 1, or excellent, according to the Chicago Public Schools Performance Policy Report. In the spirit that the changes here are procedural at the moment, let's highlight three areas that the LSC should be working with Crespo to improve. First, like many schools, there was not enough teacher participation in the survey of the Chicago Consortium to make support any findings. The LSC should use its bully pulpit to encourage greater participation among the staff and faculty in this independent report on Waters. Second, the school showed some minor weaknesses on the Performance Policy Report in the areas of student growth metrics and also math scores. Programs that target the most vulnerable students in the math curriculum with extra services may improve student performance in these key areas. Students, who did respond to the Consortium, noted a number of weaknesses. They were so few, let's just list them:
  • Students report their teacher did not give specific suggestions on how to improve their work
  • Students report teachers do not ask difficult questions on tests
  • Students report teachers do not as difficult questions in class
  • Students report their class does not require them to work hard to do well
  • Students report they are not asked to write a math problem for other students to solve
  • Students report they do not receive a lot of feedback on their work
Waters has a lot of strengths including a very strong score in student safety, but also a high level of student-teacher trust and, according to the students, a strong English program. We encourage the LSC to encourage the professionals to work on their weaknesses and maintain those strengths. Regarding the tension evident in the LSC, democracy is a messy process and not everyone is going to agree. We have heard enough from Waters parents, it is the neighborhood school of The Bulldog, to know that there are some issues that will not be pleasant to hear and discuss. But for the school to move forward, some of these issues must be placed on the table and discussed. Executive session seems like a good option for some of the issues. Good luck!   Read the Illinois School Report Card for Waters Read the CPS Performance Policy Report for Waters Read the School Progress Report for Waters  en español w języku polskim in Chinese The No Child Left Behind (AYP) Report The Waters School SIPAA report Explore the Chicago Consortium/ University of Chicago/ Urban Education Institute report on Waters Go to the Waters School Web Site Go to the Waters FaceBook page Go to the Waters Today site View the School North Attendance Area Map Other Bulldog coverage of Waters School

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