Lake View- Old and In the Way

April 13, 2012
The Inside-Booster has a story this week about how Dr. Lillith Werner, the Principal at Lake View, has snubbed the Friends of Lake View group. It is one of those stories The Bulldog has heard since early in the school year. Inside-Booster got to the story first. Good for them. Why is it important? A friends of group is one of the keys to fund raising. Does Werner believe that the millions that will flow to the school due to the deal with Microsoft mean she doesn't have to answer to the community? That groups that have raised money for the school can be safely ignored now? Is support from Grow47 or the North Side High School Initiative, both unproven organizations at this point, enough to replace an established Friends of group that can tap a significant foundation? Let's not be fools. The schools need every friend and every Friend they can muster. Werner is not in a position to pick and choose. It is a point made by Ald. Ameya Pawar in his discussion of his plan to rejuvenate Lake View: 'Pawar noted that a recent study by Designs For Change reflected the fact that increased parental involvement in a school is related to improved test scores,' our report noted (not a direct quote of Pawar). The LSC needs to correct Werner. This is Werner's first year as a principal and this is a poor start. Lake View may have the support of the alderman and Microsoft, but it must prove it every day to the larger community. A good start would be a public event that includes the Friends group. Beyond this issue is the continuing weakness of Lake View sports programs. We are a believer that a strong program of sports is good for the school. It creates a focus for alumni that allows the school to tap into their pockets. It creates a focus for a broader community to support the school. It creates a reason for local media, such as The Bulldog, to write feel-good stories about the school. Those in turn can lead to broader support in the community. (Now, do you understand why The Bulldog is so interested in prep sports?) And the LSC should be using its bully pulpit to push the teachers and staff at Lake View to complete the Chicago Consortium survey. Lake View staff did not reply in sufficient numbers. As The Bulldog has pointed out, this is an independent third party examination of the school. The school is flying partially blind without that input.   Broad Academic Support Needed The implementation of the International Baccalaureate program for all incoming Freshmen, with a four year roll-out, and the fact that Werner is a new principal means that many of the metrics used to measure progress at Lake View may be of limited use. The Performance Policy Report for Lake View indicated this is a very challenging situation. Among all the schools in the district, the academic performance at Lake View is scary poor. CPS ranks the school as a Level 2 school: needs improvement. We do not want to judge Werner's results just yet.  We want to see if the Microsoft STEM deal and the programs she has already put in place will turn Lake View around. Let's not get confused. In the city, Lake View is marginally better than some of the buildings that hold them selves out as schools. And it is a step further toward gaining the support of the community it will need to pull out of the basement than Amundsen. But it is not a school anyone at The Bulldog would want to send their children. Until we can answer that we would send our children to the school, it should be tapping every resource for help.   Read the Illinois School Report Card for Lake View Read the CPS Performance Policy Report for Lake View Read the School Progress Report for Lake View  en español w języku polskim in Chinese The No Child Left Behind (AYP) Report Lake View High School Improvement Plan (SIPAA) Explore the Chicago Consortium/ University of Chicago/ Urban Education Institute report on Lake View Go to the Lake View High School Web Site Go to the Lake View High School FaceBook Group View the School North Attendance Area Map Go to the FaceBook page for the North Side High School Initiative Read the Grow47 initiative document Candidates statements:

Steven D Bines (community)

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One Response to Lake View- Old and In the Way

  1. steven bines on April 15, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Dr Werner is asking The Friends of LVHS to comply with CPS/CBOE rules and regulations and welcomes their ongoing support once “The Friends” bring their organization into compliance.
    I support Dr Werner’s efforts to bring LVHS up to 2012 CPS/CBOE standards