Robinson Elected Chicago GOP Chair

April 19, 2012
The Central Committee of the Chicago Republican Party has elected 48th Ward Republican Committeeman Adam Robinson as its next Chairman, effective immediately.  Robinson was elected to a four year term after having received 61% of the vote at the Party’s convention held on April 18th.
    "I'm honored to have been elected by Chicago's Republican Committeemen to lead our party for the next four years,” said Robinson in his first comments after the election.  Today, it’s time to unify our efforts in the city of Chicago and create the effective and principled political organization that our Committeemen were elected to build.
    “The Chicago Republican Party will be a tireless advocate for Chicagoans who want safer streets now, real education choices for Chicago's children, and transparency and efficiency in their government.  It’s time to build a coalition of those citizens who desire to transform our city for the better, and the Chicago Republican Party will be there to make sure these voices are heard.
    "I will treat this position with the respect it deserves, and will tackle our city's issues with the tenacity that our moment demands. "
    Robinson, 36, was a candidate for Illinois State Senate (7th) in 2010, where his campaign increased Republican  turnout in the district by 40%.  Appointed to fill the 48th Ward Republican Committeemen vacancy in 2011, he was re-elected to that position in March, 2012.  He is co-founder and CEO of Hireology, an early-stage software company that helps small businesses improve their hiring and selection processes.  Robinson resides in Chicago’s Edgewater community with his wife, Anna, and his son, John.