State Representative Kelly Cassidy

April 21, 2012

Kelly Cassidy Press Release

News… …from the Illinois House of Representatives FOR IMMEDIATERELEASE                                                     FOR MORE INFORMATION: April 17, 2012                                                                                State Rep.Kelly Cassidy                    Phone:(217) 782-8088 Cassidy Pushes Equal Rights Amendment Chicago, IL—State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago)co-sponsored the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Tuesday to call attention towomen’s struggle for equality in Illinois. “The struggle for full equality between men and women continues to this day because women are still without constitutional protections,” Cassidy said. “As the conservative attack on women’s rights marches on, I will strongly advocate for women’s issues and women’s equality in health care, career opportunities, public safety, and all other facets of our lives.” Cassidy co-sponsored House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 2 to ratify the United States EqualRights Amendment. Currently, the Equal Rights Amendment needs one more state to ratify it in order for it to become the 28th Amendment to the U.S.Constitution.  The ERA would make it illegal to infringe on someone’s rights on the basis of gender. Cassidy is calling on thepassage of the Equal Rights Amendment on National Equal Pay Day to further drawattention to the inequalities that exist between genders in the workplace.  According to the NationalPartnership for Women and Families, women earn approximately 76 cents for everydollar a man makes in Illinois. “We cannot delay any longer in giving women equal rights under the law,” Cassidy said.  “At a time where our nation is helping other countries achieve gender equality we need to lead by example and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to finally ensure equality between sexes.” For more information, please contact Rep. Cassidy’s full-time constituent service office at (773) 784-2002 or via email to