33rd Ward Infrastructure Plan Feedback

April 26, 2012

Alderman Mell on the Infrastructure Plan

Sent to us from 33rd Ward Alderman Mell:   Dear 33rd Ward Residents, The media has made much of the Mayor's Infrastructure Trust proposal and some opposition to this has been mounted by individuals and special interest groups. In our ward, we have fielded less than a half-dozen calls from constituents, the same number of e-mails from individuals and even less from organizations. The single individual complaint that is most made about this ordinance is that it is reminiscent of the much-maligned parking meter deal. It is my opinion that if we had had such an Infrastructure Trust in place then to vet sthose proposals, many of the problems that have arisen since could have been avoided or eliminated altogether. Therefore, I am sending a link for an Infrastructure Trust FAQ that answers the concerns that have been raised: http://33rdward.org/InfrastructureTrustFAQ.pdf If you have any further questions or concerns, please direct them to our ward office at 773-478-8040. Sincerely yours, Alderman Richard F. Mell