Lane Lacrosse Routs Taft

April 27, 2012
It was a one-sided affair at Lane Tech high school Tuesday. The Indians' Lacrosse team (6-6, 3-0) defeated the Taft Eagles 11-1 in their third conference game of the season. The offense was dominant the entire game for the Indians, as they scored eight goals in the first half; including two goals from senior Zack Barth and a goal apiece for Jeremy Wasserman, Joey Burbano, and Kyle Foley. It was the ideal start for head coach Kevin Brauner and his team; as they were looking to get even with the Eagles, who beat Lane in the regular season last year by two goals. "I expected to have alot of goals early," said Brauner. "I told the kids to come out one hundred percent and to play hard, and to make sure they were shooting and not holding back." As dominant as the offense was, the Indians' defense proved to be tough as well; giving up just one goal to Taft late in the second quarter. "Our defense has been playing really hard," Brauner said. "We're always put stress on moving our feet and watching the opponent's belt buckles and staying on their hands. The defense has started to come around; there's been less ball watching and more of the fundamental stuff that we need to do." The tough defense was supplimented by junior goaltender Dan Takata, who came up with big saves for the Indians to keep the game well in their favor. "Takata played very well in the cage as always," said Brauner. "He made alot of great saves; Taft had some good shots. He played well and that alweays helps the defense." Lane's performance this season has been a good sign for the evolution of lacrosse in the area, and Brauner gives credit to Taft for their improvement to help the sport as well. "We're always talking about how we're trying to help the sport grow in the city," Brauner said. "Everyone is making alot of strides; Taft is much better, and they were good last year too."

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