Ravenswood Runs on Sunday Morning

April 29, 2012
Todd Ptacek Sets Record Time
16th annual Ravenswood Run took place in Ravenswood on Sunday morning.  3000 runners started from Wilson and Hermitage.  The five kilometer course wound through the Ravenswood neighborhood causing street closures and resulting in dozens of cars to be towed by the Chicago Police Department despite ample warning. South Loop resident, Todd Ptacek, won the men’s division with a course record of 14:59.  Ptacek, a former runner at the University of Notre Dame, has participated in the Ravenswood Run twice and won both times.  He won in 2010.  Lake View resident, Heather Prekop, won the woman’s division for the second year in a row with a time of 17:41.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Ravenswood Community Food Pantry at All Saints Episcopal Church and the Student Health Services at Lake View and Amundsen High Schools. See more photos from the run at the Welles Park Bulldog facebook page.  

Wilson Avenue Loaded with Ravenswood Runners


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