NATO Disruptions Turn Local

May 17, 2012
Starting at 9A tomorrow NORAD, remember them from the Cold War, will be flying exercises over the city that will include fighters and helicopters. The military exercise should last about two hours.
We wonder how the local cellular networks will handle the strain of all the visitors to the neighborhood?
CTA tells us that there will be extra trains scheduled on Saturday to assist people moving through the city, but that the CTA has not yet considered specific changes to Irving Park, Western, Lincoln or Damen bus routes. If that is true, Irving is likely to be heavily impacted as the march from Horner eastbound on Irving is set for Noon-2P.
Remember the CrossTown Classic? They scheduled it for this weekend. The Sox play at Wrigley 1.20P Friday, 6.15P Saturday and 1.20P Sunday. The first pitch Friday may be thrown by Afghanistan US and NATO force commander John Allen. Protests are possible on Friday.
According to the Sun-Times neighborhoods will see a 15 percent increase in police protection this weekend. There are no days off this weekend, and instead of the normal eight hour days, cops are being directed to work 12 hours days. FOP officials say that with 3,100 police assigned to NATO, they “can't see how it could happen” that there could be a 15 percent increase in police protection.
And this just came in, parking restrictions were just announced for Wrigleyville for the next three days. From Ald. Tom Tunney's office:

Parking Restrictions:

Friday 5/18 through Sunday 5/20 12pm - 2am Clark - Roscoe to Irving Eddy - Racine to Clark Waveland - Wilton - Racine Patterson - Alley (behind McDonalds) to Clark Addison - Halsted to Lakewood Racine - Clark to Eddy
Welles Park Advisory Council is going ahead with its children's bicycle ride, starting Saturday at 10A. The Ravenswood Manor Improvement Association is going ahead with the annual garage sale, but on Sunday.
The mayor's office and the police have not responded yet to our calls about Saturday's protests.
To see the latest news on NATO protests try these web sites: