Larchmont Fire Levels One Home, Damages Three Others

June 26, 2012

Fire officials are investigating a fire in the 1900 block of Larchmont. Officials on the scene say there may be evidence of an overturned gas can in the basement of the home where the fire started. Residents say the building has been undergoing construction. Credit: Patrick Boylan

An early morning fire in the 1900 block of West Larchmont destroyed one home and damaged three others, forcing several families to flee. Fire officials and neighbors stressed there were no injuries. The fire started at 1924 Larchmont shortly after 1A, according to fire officials. Investigators said they believe the fire in the balloon frame building was aided by an overturned can of gas they located near a lawn mower in the basement. The finding will require more investigation as it leads to questions of whether the fire was arson. Crews remained on the scene this afternoon. Neighbors said the building was undergoing construction. No one was occupying the building, according to neighbors interviewed this morning. The fire spread quickly to the roof of the building, leading to the evacuation of neighboring 1920. As the fire spread, it engulfed the roof of yet another adjacent property, 1928. Another building, 1918 has damaged siding from the smoke and heat. A fire adjuster told The Bulldog that the roof of 1920 and 1928 will need reconstruction, but that the buildings can be saved as they appear to be structurally sound. The sidewall of 1928 will also require reconstruction. Gina Saka, a resident, said she came out when she was wakened by the fire. The occupant of 1920 sat on a stoop across the street watching her home burn. "She's lost her memories," Saka said. "She looked like she was in shock." Saka estimated the age of the woman as near 70 and praised her garden. Saka said the 1928 residents were new to the block, having just moved in this month. Behind their home, the family took the contact information for The Bulldog, but asked for privacy.   See more photos on our FaceBook page  

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