Amundsen LSC Hears From New Principal

July 12, 2012
Principal Anna Pavichevich addresses the Amundsen High School Local School Council

Principal Anna Pavichevich (on far right) told the Amundsen High School Local School Council she plans on focusing on creating a culture of excellence at the school. Credit: Patrick Boylan

New Amundsen High School Principal Anna Pavichevich addressed the Local School Council Tuesday, calling on the school community to create a culture of excellence at Amundsen. Pavichevich, in an hour long review of her first few days in the position, said she was challenged by the business side of being a principal but intended to focus resources. As part of her plan, Pavichevich will be hiring a business manager for the school. Under retiring Principal Carlos Munoz, business operations were handled as part-time duties by a clerk, Pavichevich noted. However, Pavichevich believes a full-time business manager can actually save resources and work to develop resources for the school. Pavichevich promised the LSC more accountability and feedback. In particular, Pavichevich will be appointing a data czar to gather and distribute information both within the school and to the community. Pavichevich said the Data Coordinator would join the Business Manager and an At-Risk Coordinator and traditional roles such as Assistant Principal and a part-time attendance officer, in her administration. Pavichevich said she was examining the University of Chicago Five Essentials report, the same report The Bulldog has used to highlight issues and opportunities in neighborhood schools, for areas to address. The LSC asked Pavichevich about the number of instructors in the coming school year, with one LSC member noting that the school seems to have lost instructors according to a CPS database. Pavichevich told The Bulldog that the number of instructors is lower on the budget, however she plans a marketing campaign in the community to increase enrollment. Pavichevich noted that the community is largely not aware of the International Baccalaureate program in place at Amundsen. Final enrollment, which is determined on the 20th day of school, is usually greater than forecast by the budget numbers, she said. A greater enrollment will allow the school to hire more teachers she noted. No instructors were terminated despite the budget numbers she said. Pavichevich said a number of positions have been eliminated due to retirements and transfers. Amundsen, she said, will probably regain the positions once enrollment is finalized. The LSC also considered student fees. Pavichevich said Amundsen student fees, which amount to $65 per year, have not increased in several years. They are among the lowest fees in the region she said. A proposal to require a separate optional fee for year books was turned down, as was a proposal to increase fees for the 2012-3 school year. The LSC said it would study the fees with an eye to increasing the fees for the 2013-4 school year. Amundsen LSC meetings were set for the second Tuesday. No officers were chosen at the formation meeting.

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