Irving Park Apartment Development Stirs Neighbors

July 12, 2012
A proposal to build an apartment complex with 75 units at 2437-53 W Irving Park Rd is meeting resistance among some residents in the East Horner Park neighborhood. Thursday evening unsigned flyers appeared in that neighborhood alerting residents of an effort to resist the proposal. The flyer says a $15 million affordable housing development is slated for the site, with 75 apartments. "They are also proposing less than 50 parking spots total for these units," the flyer says. The flyer goes on to accuse Ald. Ameya Pawar of neglecting "to advise anyone in the ward regarding the proposed project." The flyer goes on to note "4-6 Million in TIF finds from our community have been requestsed for the project." "Alderman Pawar is proceeding in a secretive manner," it concludes. That assertion is an overreach. Pawar had addressed the property in his newsletter of July 6. Information about the project was posted to the Facebook page of the River Path Neighbors by this writer based on the alderman's newsletter. Pawar has been open about his position, saying in his newsletter, "I am firmly committed to increasing market based affordable housing in the 47th Ward. To do this, I will commit TIF funds to incentivize development." Pawar told The Bulldog "We've NEVER made a decision about TIF funding without talking to the community." He noted that the $4.5 Million TIF commitment at Mariano's involved four public meetings. "I want people involved from the very beginning so people can have a role in the project as it evolves," Pawar said. "This project is still in its infancy." "A lot of people have decided that I've" made up my mind, he said about the letter. "I haven't." "There is a difference between my policy belief in affordable housing and plopping housing down anywhere."   Read the Alderman's July 6 newsletter Visit the Alderman's Zoning, Land Use & Development Page Read the flyer *** Updated with Ald. Pawar's comments 13 July 2012 4.41P ***

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2 Responses to Irving Park Apartment Development Stirs Neighbors

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  2. Colleen on July 17, 2012 at 10:54 am

    I live a block away from there, and I do not want the extra cars and people that come along with a building that size. The TIF statement in the flyer is correct. You can look at the request on Alderman Pawar’s website and it plainly shows a request for money in the amount stated. It would serve the community better to use the TIF money for a project that benefits the existing residents of the ward.