Jumper Closes Montrose

August 6, 2012
A distraught patient of Kindred Hospital closed Montrose Bridge, threatening to jump in the Chicago River.

Montrose Ave Bridge was closed due to a patient from nearby Kindred Hospital threatening to jump in the Chicago River. Credit: Patrick Boylan

A patient of Kindred Hospital broke out of the hospital this afternoon, proceeded to the Montrose Bridge over the Chicago River and threatened to jump, closing Montrose to traffic for about two hours. Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Czerwionka said the patient pulled a box alarm at Kindred, causing the first response. Police News Affairs said they responded to the call at 1.20P. Breaking a window on the Maplewood Campbell side of the building, the patient left the hospital and ran to the bridge where he held the guard rail, threatening a jump into the water. He returned to the pavement at about 3.20P. Fire spokesmen said he was being transported to Swedish Covenant Hospital. Police and Fire sent at least twenty units to the incident, including scuba and SWAT teams. While Police negotiators talked to the male patient, a Fire Department diver got ready and other units of the scuba team stood by with personal flotation devices, attached to harnesses. Traffic in both directions of Montrose was closed to all traffic for the two hour incident. Czerwionka said the patient was distraught and was reluctant to recross the guard rail. Kindred Hospital personnel did not respond to questions and have not yet returned calls about the incident.
A window at Kindred Hospital that was used by a patient to escape is boarded up.

A boarded up window shows the escape route of a patient at Kindred Hospital who threatened to jump from the Montrose Bridge. Credit: Patrick Boylan

Scuba and nearly 20 units from Chicago's Police and Fire responded to a Kindred Patient threatening to jump from the Montrose Bridge

Scuba and more than 20 units from Chicago's Police and Fire Departments responded to the threat to jump by a man identified as a patient of Kindred Hospital. Credit: Patrick Boylan

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