Author/ Artist Schedules Park Tour

August 21, 2012
Krista August, a resident of South East Ravenswood and the author and illustrator of Giants in the Park, has scheduled two tours of the Lincoln Park statues in September. August's book of water colors includes the stories behind many of the heroic statues erected in Lincoln Park since its founding. Greg Borzo, author of The Chicago "L" and other books said "Giants in the Park is more than a guidebook. It’s an important contribution to our understanding of the times and events, donors and artists, social movements and political forces that not only account for these precious works of public art but also contributed to Chicago’s growth and development." August has scheduled two tours:
  • Fri., Sept 7; 5-6.30P
  • Sun., Sept 9; 10A-Noon
F or more information visit August's website