Union: We Are on Strike!

September 9, 2012
The Chicago Teachers Union has called a strike starting Monday morning. Parents taking their children to the warehouse schools being run by Chicago Public Schools would be crossing picket lines with their children. Parents at Waters School were using Facebook to locate alternate care for their children. Among those mentioned is Luther Memorial Church, immediately across from Waters. On the Illinois Raise Your Hand Coalition site Jill Wohl is urging parents to use outside organizations such as Sharp as a Tack as a resource for child care. Parents are adding other resources to Wohl's suggestion. In addition, RYH is noting that there is a city-wide site being run by Josh Kalov listing resources for parents on a Google map. The Bulldog has obtained a 24 page document intended by CPS to guide the Children First plan. The plan, noted as a 'holding center lesson' plan, calls for day one schedules, warns supplies may not be present and presents sample activities for several age groups.  

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