Parents 4 Teachers meet to show support during strike

September 12, 2012

Surrounded by his family Chicago teacher Emilo Perez addresses the the meeting stating" We did not leave the classroom, we expanded it." in reference to CTU's job action this week. Photo Credit: Jane Rickard

On day two of the Chicago  teachers strike a group of Chicago Public School parents, teachers and supporters met at Luther Memorial Hall for a "Strike Camp".  Speakers included Emilio Perez who spoke movingly of the need of the country to educate the 98% and to respect all children of all abilities. Karen Soto a PK teacher and union representative from Waters who gave an update on the contract talks.Lastly Francie Reiser spoke briefly on the specific issues that had been settled in the contract.  The biggest interruption of the night when a local resident was singled out for taking notes and "writing everything down that we say" by  Waters teacher Karen Soto from the podium.  The gentleman in question Les Nister, identified himself and the fact he had been invited to attend by community activist Pete Leiki. The meeting ended with a call to action and a request for all attending to contact their elected officials and support the strikers in any possible.          

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