47th Ward Wellness Day on Saturday, September 29

September 24, 2012

Whole Person Health and Wellness Day

Alderman Ameya Pawar's public service office is working together with the City of Chicago and the Chicago Department of Public Health to bring a "Whole Person Health and Wellness Day" to the Sulzer Library on Saturday, September 29. Scheduled from 10am to 3pm, residents will be able to receive free flu shots, check prescription interaction, meet with a nurse practitioner and participate in a variety of important screenings.  Pneumonia shots will be given to those who bring proof of Medicare or insurance coverage. The following are some free presentations that are scheduled for every half hour of the event: Yoga for Health, Tai chi, Brain Aerobics, Understanding Chakras, Herbal Remedies and Natural Products, Oh - Just Bury Me in the Back Yard, The Way Acupuncture Heals, It's Never Too Late to Rejuvenate, Concepts in Creating Wellness and Healthcare Power of Attorney:  Why You Need it & How to Get it.  

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