Brew Camp Stumbles On City Regs

October 2, 2012
Brew Camp, a store that sells brewing equipment and supplies both through a brick and mortar store and online, has temporarily closed, they say, due to issues with the city. "Chicago has asked us to apply for a full food-services license in order to continue selling pre-packaged yeast, grains, and hops. They've also asked us to stop equipment sales at the shop while the food license application is pending," the shop says in a Facebook entry from last Thursday. The store said the city was working to point them in the right direction, but did not have a lot of experience with retail outlets that market home brewing supplies. "They don't have a clear picture of 'how to deal with homebrew shops,'" the store noted. The store does not sell packaged goods or any alcohol. The raw materials that create beer are actually very basic. "We aren't complaining. We've been treated fairly. In fact, the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (the business license folks), the Department of Public Health, the Department of Buildings ... they've all been very friendly, efficient, and helpful the past few days," Brew Camp posted. The store, which posted a cover photo of a Prohibition Era bust on its Facebook page, says it will be spending Monday at City Hall trying to clear the bureaucratic hurdles. It said it will also use the opportunity to make changes to the store.