Police Issue Scam Alert

October 16, 2012
The Chicago Police, 20 17th District has just announced a scam alert. We saw the same scam being discussed on neighborhood sites in other North Side Communities this morning. Here is the text of the police alert:

We received word of a possible scam going on in the Mayfair community and surrounding areas.  A young man was going door to door to solicit donations using the attached flyer for informational purposes.  He also had a badge that he said was a permit issued by the City of Chicago.  The address on the bottom of the flyer is not legitimate for the non-profit described, and the Chicago Environmental Society does not show up on a list of non-profits operating in the city.

If you encounter someone soliciting donations and it just doesn't look right, please call 911 and have a police officer investigate.  If they are legitimate they will not mind speaking with the police, and if they are not legitimate then we would like to get them off the street before they take advantage of any more people.

Look at the flyer *** The District is 17, not 20 as stated in the post. We apologize for the error.