Simeon Overwhelms Lane in Division Championship

October 20, 2012

Wolverines 42, Indians 6

Lane Tech Indians (5-3, 5-1) faced the Simeon Wolverines (7-1, 6-0) Friday evening at Gately Stadium on the southside for the Chicago Public League's Illini Red Bird Conference championship. Simeon's size and speed overwhelmed Lane and Simeon came out on top, 42-6. The Wolverines throttled the Indians offense. Lane senior quarterback Jack McLaughlin's keeper was just about the only thing that worked for Lane on offense--except of course for the five personal fouls committed by the Simeon defense. Simeon's offensive speed overwhelmed Lane. Simeon spread out the Lane defensive with its pistol offense and gashed them with inside handoffs. The Indians never quit and scored on a long pass play early in the 4th Quarter. Nevertheless, it was a very successful season for the Indians. See more photos from the game at the Welles Park Bulldog Facebook page.  

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