Part 5: Accountability

October 21, 2012
From Part 1: Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Madiganistan. Inmates: the Citizens of Illinois. It is a place where the opposition party is taken over. It is a place where powerful politicians with nothing to fear would rather remove any choice or opposition through ballot challenges than face questions about their stewardship. It is a place where opposition is ignored by 'reformers.' The Democratic candidates here often feel so powerful and entitled entitled that they do not need to respond to the requests of media or opposition for debate.   Read Part 1   From Part 2: Illinois Senate President John Cullerton has no opposition in his election this fall. The Republican candidate, Scott Campbell, was removed from the ballot over the summer due to a successful challenge. Chicago GOP Boss Adam Robinson thinks the challenge to Scott Campbell were mounted by Democrats. Deb Mell, a legislator who I am stuck for saying what she has accomplished in Springfield, knocked her Republican opponent out of the race in 2010 through an operative filing a similar protest in the previous election. It was one of the earliest political stories we remember at The Dog. [Mell's opponent this year, Antoinette “Toni” Puccio-Johnson, has a LinkedIn profile indicating she is an art student. Puccio-Johnson has not submitted to newspaper requests for positions, nor has she established a web site. We do not know if this is a front created by the Mell campaign or a misguided effort by Puccio-Johnson.]   Read Part 2   From Part 3:   No one is running in opposition to seven local Democrats. Who is responsible for this? The GOP. The Republican party is responsible for finding candidates and in the case of this neighborhood they are falling flat on their face. Our takeaway: If you don't shoot the puck, you can't score. Read Part 3 From Part 4: The 47th Ward Republican party named Democratic poll judges, did not make an effort to recruit candidates for election and did not participate in party building, according to GOP City Boss Adam Robinson. Shame on the Democrats: subversion of the Republican Party, petition challenges, naming unqualified and irresponsible people to short term positions for a political gain and a sense of entitlement and entrenchment. But a much bigger issue here is that the Republican Party needs to recruit qualified candidates to run. [A table shows a list of local candidates who have not faced opposition in their elections] What can you do? Vote Green, vote Red, but do not vote Blue. Send a message. Read Part 4: Part 5: Let's repeat what I stated in Part 1: I am friends with many of the Democratic candidates. I see them at community events; I talk to them; I sometimes give them a hug. I am also friends with several of the local Republicans. I've enjoyed football games at their homes; I fence with them on Facebook over policy. I've read critiques of people saying apologists will bend over backwards to defend Ald. Ameya Pawar. I put this forward first, noting again that Pawar is at least an acquaintance. He is one of several politicians I've hugged. Hugged recently as a matter of fact. So what I am about to say, I've thought about. A recent report indicated Pawar was missing 80 percent of committee meetings of City Council. I remember Pawar saying he would be a legislator. That's why he recommends constituents call 3-1-1 for city services. Pawar defended himself in another online site saying he is concentrating on constituent services. Missing committee meetings is bad policy. It does not serve the goal Pawar was elected to perform. Priorities must change in the 47th Ward aldermanic office. Something has to give and the attendance at the meetings has to improve.

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