Northcenter Chamber Honors Isle of Man

October 31, 2012

Patrick Leo McGinnis Award for Corporate Citizenship given to Isle of Man

Arthur Holstein, Patrick McGinnis and Jim Bechtold gather at Pitchfork for the award ceremony.

                    The Northcenter Chamber of Commerce awarded local retailer, Isle of Man, the Patrick Leo McGinnis Award for Corporate Citizenship on Thursday, October 25, 2012.  The ceremony took place at the monthly business luncheon scheduled at Pitchfork restaurant on Irving Park Road. This first annual award celebrates achievement as a community participant and for outstanding acts and is named after a beloved community member named Patrick Leo McGinnis, a long time supporter of the Northcenter Chamber and a Chicago Policeman who recently welcomed Patrick Leo McGinnis, IV to his household. Isle of Man is recognized for providing free art therapy classes for PJ Bieng, a 12-year-old boy who recently battled cancer and is presently in remission. Jim Bechtold is an owner of Isle of Man, located at 3856 N. Lincoln. This is how he shared the story with Northcenter: “The Isle of Man man is one who encourages growth within the community and gives back when he can. Being a place that cultivates character and creativity, we began offering art classes for children earlier this spring, taught by our resident artist Michael Jones. It was a member of the community who introduced us to PJ Bieng, a 12-year-old who enjoys music, art, and robotics, and has just had his battle with cancer. Given PJ's talents and interests in art, we thought working with PJ to help celebrate his cancer remission would be a great reward for both parties. “Michael and PJ worked together to design a few projects, the first being a symbolic representation of PJ's battle with cancer. PJ envisioned himself as a knight slaying a dragon, and so he and Michael created a 7-foot knight in armor, holding a sword named "Chemo," with his medications painted onto the blade, slaying the cancerous dragon. “Currently, he and Mike are working with found objects and building lamps for a special collection that will be available for purchase at IOM. They are also working on designing a robot, however PJ states that the details regarding that project are top secret. “We are very glad to have been working with PJ in these past months, as he brings enthusiasm and energy to every session. We look forward to seeing PJ continue to grow as a person and as an artist, and slaying every dragon that comes his way.” Isle of Man came to the Northcenter community in 2010 and generated quite a buzz with biking enthusiasts after they place a Triumph motorcycle in their front window.  At that time they had a very "moto-centric style", based on the famous motorcycle race held on the actual Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea, each year.  It has definitely evolved to represent who they are as men, excitement seekers, citizens, entrepreneurs and community representatives. They did not start their relationship with this young man to acheive awards, they actually were unaware that anyone knew of their efforts.  But like a good man, humbled and happy by something that has changed him, Jim ended his acceptance speech with, "Everyone go out and help somebody!".    

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