Parties Still Need Election Judges

November 1, 2012
Both parties are reporting they are short judges for the general election to be held Tuesday. For a one day gig, you work long hours, from 5A till the votes are counted, about 8P. The parties are responsible for feeding you. The pay is reported to be about $170. If you qualify as a trained and lead judge you can earn more. But time is getting short. Applications for this can be submitted tomorrow at the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce office, 4054 N Lincoln Ave. Applications are also accepted by the Chicago Board of Elections, 69 W Washington. You may also contact the local ward bosses. It is too late for them to make an official appointment, but they can recommend people to the CBoE. DO THIS TODAY! THE WEEKEND IS TOO LATE. Democratic Bosses 32nd Ward- Scott Waguespack +1.773.413.0032 33rd Ward- Richard Mell +1.773.478.8040 40th Ward-  Patrick O'Connor +1.773.769.1100 44th Ward- Thomas Tunney +1.773.935.9555 46th Ward- James Cappleman +1.312.725.8683 47th Ward- Peter Coffey (Apply at the Northcenter Chamber Office) 48th Ward- Carol Ronen +1.773.726.0480   Republican Bosses 32nd Ward- John Curry +1.312.873.3612 33rd Ward- Gregory Eidukas +1.773.751.8902 40th Ward- Bill Powers +1.773.271.7574 44th Ward- Scott Davis (Apply at the CBoE Office) 46th Ward- Diane Shapiro +1.773.457.2636 47th Ward- David Ratowitz (Apply at the Northcenter Chamber Office) 48th Ward- Adam Robinson +1.312.253.7870