Donors Choose: Ravenswood School

November 8, 2012
Science iPad and Computer Projector
My Students: So much of science exists beyond the walls of our classroom. Having extremely limited resources to bring it to life for my students, a projector will enable us to experience that which we can't bring into the classroom. The motto of our classroom is that it is OUR classroom. Every student contributes in both their knowledge and helpful hands. I have four classes ranging from 6th-8th grade. This is a crucial age for students, including those with special needs, to have constant visual reminders to reinforce academic objectives. My Project: The projector I am requesting will allow science to come to life for my middle school students in many different ways. With the ability to connect my iPad or computer up to the projector, we will be able to peak student interest. Apps like Science 360 are composed of intriguing videos that will relate to any number of science topics. Please consider offering your support for the purchase of this projector; it will make all the difference in the quality of education my students will receive. Experiments we are unable to conduct in the classroom, due to our very limited resources, can be demonstrated in a clear and entertaining way, giving them the opportunity to experience that which they otherwise would not. hide»
My students need a projector to enhance their education by making iPad and computer learning more available to the entire class during whole group science instruction.   Donors Choose Page