Bens Girls Volleyball Notes

November 17, 2012

St Benedict High School girls volleyball team. Credit: St Benedict

St Benedict girls volleyball promises to be more competitive according to notes sent by the school. Noting the high school girls team won the IHSA regional championship, the school breaks down the efforts of the feeder elementary teams. The 8th grade girls, for example, defeated St Andrews and St Clement, but lost in the championship in three games to Sacred Heart Red. The team ended the season with second place overall in the Queen of Angels tournie. Likewise the 7th grade girls team finished strong, but was unable to complete the transaction, falling to Queen of Angels. The 7th grade girls had entered the tournament in sixth place. Further back, 6th grade recorded a 5 and 4 record, finishing 6th in their conference. Their advance to the semifinals ended in a tough three game match, the school says. Fifth grade ended the season winning the NCA League championship. The school fielded a 4th grade team for the first time this year. The youngest Lady Bengals "worked very hard and developed the skills that they will need as they continue their volleyball careers."

St Benedict Grade School NCA League Championship 5th Grade Girls. Credit: St Benedict