Happy Thanksgiving NBGC Style

November 22, 2012

Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club Thankgiving Games at Revere Park

Eagles Score TD on Thanksgiving

The Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club held its 81st annual Thanksgiving Day Classic at Revere Park. Flag football games, girls soccer and tackle football graced there fields. NGBC Teams have been playing on Thanksgiving Day since 1931. Leagues include Discovery flag football for kindergarden and 1st grade boys, Cadet football for 2nd and 3rd grade boys, Prep football for 4th and 5th grade boys, Tribe football for 6th to 8th grade boys, Pebble soccer for kindergarden to 2nd grade girls, Junior soccer for 3rd to 5th grade girls and Senior soccer for 6th to 8th grade girls. See for photos from the Thanksgiving Day Classic at the Welles Park Bulldog facebook page.

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