Two OTS Musicians Among Grammy Nominees

Greg Cahill of Special Consensus and Daniel Ho, both teachers at the Old Town School of Folk Music, were among the nominees for the Grammy Awards, it was announced this week. Ho is being nominated for Best World Music Alblum. Ho was the featured artist of the alblum On a Gentle Island Breeze.  Special Consensus has received a nomination for Scratch Gravel Road. Cahill, in his biography, notes he has been playing bluegrass banjo since the early 1970's. He formed Special Consensus in 1973 while attending graduate school at the University of Illinois. Touring with Special Consensus, Cahill has also been a long-time teacher at the Old Town School having started there in 1973. Special Consensus has issued 12 recordings and a performance video. Cahill's biography reports he has released three solo recordings, four banjo instructional videos and appeared with many other artists on their recordings.   Watch a Promotional Video for the Scratch Gravel Road Alblum Ho, on his web site, says "More than two decades have passed since I left home to follow a dream. It took but a few short months to realize success was not just around the corner, but a distant prospect. The album "This Dream Begins" chronicles significant experiences during this time that have shaped my perspective. It is also the culmination of my musical endeavors thus far, and the start of a new artistic direction." Listen to a Promo of On a Gentle Island Breeze courtesy of Sound Cloud.