In passing: Elvina Moen

December 20, 2012
Elvina Moen

Elvina Moen was the photgraphic image used on an image for The Lutheran magazine. A volunteer with the Night Ministry, she passed away at the age of 94. Credit:

The Night Ministry reports on its Facebook page of the passing of longtime volunteer Elvina Moen. Elvina was 94. The Night Ministry notes "once a week, for almost a decade, Elvina served coffee to visitors at the Health Outreach Bus. Bus visitors, staff, and volunteers all loved her for her positive attitude, generous spirit, and consistent involvement with the community. "In 2004, she was honored at The Night Ministry's benefit for her volunteer work at the Bus. Elvina was sympathetic and compassionate to everyone she met, and she will be greatly missed by all."

Elvina Moen, 94, was active in the Night Ministry and her church, Holy Trinity Lutheran. She is pictured here at a church picnic in 2012. Credit: