Illinois Family Institute: Religious Freedom & Marriage Act Deceptive

December 21, 2012
In an article published by Illinois Review, David E Smith, the Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute vows to stop the proposal to recognize same sex marriage in a lame duck session. ""Thinking Illinoisans can be duped again, Representative (Greg) Harris has named his marriage redefinition bill the "Religious Freedom and Marriage Act," Smith says. Smith says Harris and Illinois State Senator David Koehler (D-Peoria), were not being honest when they told colleagues that religious liberty and freedom of conscience would not be affected by the passage of a 2010 civil union act. "Harris," Smith says in the post, "used the lame duck session in 2010 to ram through same-sex 'civil unions.'" "We can stop this destructive policy from moving forward, but we must speak up and tell state lawmakers not to redefine the institution of marriage," Smith says.   Read the post in Illinois Review