Pastors Letter Supports Gay Marriage

December 24, 2012
In an open letter released Sunday 260 religious leaders are supporting the Religious Freedom and Marriage Act. That act would legalize gay marriage in Illinois. It is being sponsored by Representatives Greg Harris, Sara Feigenholtz, Ann Williams, Kelly Cassidy and Deborah Mell among others. And it is being ushered through the Senate by Illinois Senator Heather Steans. The measure may be called if there is a lame duck session of the legislature or in the new legislative session planned for January. Four Ravenswood pastors are among those who signed on to the letter:
  • Dr. Bonnie Perry, Rector All Saints' Episcopal Church
  • Rev. Jason Coulter, Ravenswood United Church of Christ
  • Rev. William Bordonaro, Bethany United Church of Christ
  • Rev. Sherrie Lowly, Bethany United Methodist Church.
The letter says in part "we accept our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and recognize that their families need equal recognition and protection." "The sacred writings and traditions that we follow carry the messages of love, justice and inclusion," the letter states. "The very basis of marriage is to protect the family, strengthen our communities and advocate compassion. "No couple should be excluded from that."   [pdf] Read the letter Go to Legislative page  

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