Ravenswood Lincoln Ave Bars Score in Chicago Mag Article

January 17, 2013
15 neighborhood bars scored nods from Chicago Magazine in a 'best of' post. Clark Street, 7 locations, and Lincoln Avenue, six locations, took 13 of the spots in the top 100. That was more than Lincoln Park, 12 locations, or Wrigleyville, two locations.
  • Dancen at 5114 N Lincoln for pub grub
  • Hüettenbar at 4721 N Lincoln for neighborhood pub
  • Grafton at 4530 N Lincoln for cocktails
  • Tiny Lounge at 4352 N Leavitt (where it meets Lincoln) for cocktails
  • Half Acre at 4257 N Lincoln-- Best of the best
  • Globe Pub at 1934 W Irving Park Rd for diversions
  • Carol's Pub at 4659 N Clark for being a dive
  • T's Bar & Restaurant at 5025 N Clark for LGBT bars
  • Hopleaf at 5148 N Clark for craft beers
  • Simon's Tavern at 5210 N Clark for being a dive
  • Marty's at 1511 W Balmoral (at Clark) for being a neighborhood bar
  • Mary's Attic at 5400 N Clark for diversions
  • Edgewater Lounge at 5600 N Clark for being a neighborhood bar
  • Joie de Vine at 1744 W Balmoral -- Best of the best
  • Fountainhead at 1970 W Montrose for craft beers
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