cps299: I’ve Seen Better Organized Riots

February 3, 2013
School closings continue to make news. The frustration parents, staff and neighborhoods feel was captured by a post in the school site cps299.

 I went to one of the many school closing hearings being held throughout the city.  It was extremely troubling.  To begin with, they didn’t make the sheet to sign up to speak accessible or explain what it was.  Most people who signed up thought they were signing in, not signing up to speak.  As a result, maybe 1 out of ever 3 or 4 people who were called spoke.

The first speaker right out of the box asked a question about enrollment.  She said their school was listed as underutilized and she wanted to know how they could be efficient.  The person representing CPS had no idea what the term efficient meant.   An audible gasp went over the crowd.

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