Taking Bikes and Tech Jobs From Seattle

February 22, 2013
A cycling site in Washington, DC spots a boast by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the opening of Dearborn Street's bikeway and projects an apocalyptic war between Emanuel and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn with the winner getting the other's tech jobs. The ammunition is bicycling infrastructure. Saying Emanuel said Seattle was envious of Chicago's Dearborn Street bikeway, the site quotes Emanuel as saying "I want them to be envious because I expect not only to take all of their bikers but I also want all the jobs that come with this." We should note, there is a lack of true attribution here as one post quotes another which... you get the idea. In fact, the original quote seems to come not from Seattle, but from a Portland, Ore. bike blog. So watch out Seattle, cause first we'll come for your bikes, then your tech jobs, then your tech workers and finally we'll start operating full service gas stations again. Then when you visit, you'll think you're in Portland.   Read the original nonsense at DC Streetsblog