UPDATE 1: Mt Carmel Drowns Glenbard North in Rainy 1st Round [video]

November 2, 2015
It is difficult to defeat Mount Carmel (#16, 8-2) at home where they are 6-0 this season. It would be a long and humbling ride home for the Glenbard North Panthers (#17, 7-3) who were soundly defeated on a drizzly day on the industrial South Side 42-15. In the 7A First Round Match the Caravan opened the beating with an 89 yard drive that ate nearly half the first quarter clock. The Caravan chose to run every play in the drive grinding through the Panthers, marking the field as theirs with one 59 yard carry by senior running back A.. J. Lewis. A sack by Mt. Carmel's Steve Wirtel punctured the first possession of Glenbard, pushing the team back from where the kickoff was returned by six yards. The Caravan then used just five possessions and no passes to put another seven points on the board. This time it was a 77 yard drive with just two conversions, leaving just over two minutes in the quarter for the Panthers. Junior Vittorio Tricase and senior Devion Hodges made a strong case for the Panthers to come back, carrying the ball back to the Caravan end zone in a 56 yard drive. It was the high tide for the Panthers. In the wet weather Alek Thomas fumbled the kickoff return, but Mt. Carmel recovered the ball on the 19 yard line. The next play saw the Panthers Jayleen Fitzpatrick sack Mt. Carmel quarterback Anthony Thompson. Mt. Carmel seemed unable to gather steam and punted. The tide receded quickly. A fumble on the recovery allowed the Caravan to gain possession at the Glenbard 29 yard line. The Caravan turned over possession on downs, but foiled the Panthers drive, gaining an interception credited to Andrew Guerra. Lewis ground up the Panther defense, while Thompson, getting Glenbard to concentrate on Lewis set up a pass to Wirtel. The unexpected pass saw Wirtel run 37 yards to the Glenbard Red Zone. Lewis then ground through for the game winning touchdown, Lewis' second touchdown of the half. The Caravan used the pass to Lewis in their first play of the second half to score again. A disastrous possession by the Panthers was nearly lost to the Caravan as a fumble gave possession back to Glenbard. But the Caravan defense pushed Glenbard back for the second time in the half. Mike Kennedy's 47 yard rushing touchdown may have finally sucked the air out of the stadium for the Panthers. Their possession from the kickoff was unable to gain any yards. A back and forth battle was waged in Glenbard's turf. Kennedy broke the stalemate up with a run from the 40 yard line for his second touchdown leaving just under six minutes for Glenbard to a 35 point deficit. Trying to play catchup with passing plays in the damp conditions, the Panthers were crushed. Mt Carmel will meet Glenbard West (#1, 10-0) Saturday, 1P at Glenbard West.    

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