Patrick grew up near LaFollette Park on the West Side. He contends that the very best Italian beef sandwiches are made on the West Side and has a strange love of the flat pizza from that part of the city. Patrick led The Bulldog to win seven journalism awards in 2011, including four awards to Patrick as a solo or a team member. He is very proud of The Dog's coverage of politics and schools in the neighborhood. Patrick wrote for the Times of Northwest Indiana as a stringer covering Cook County Government, for the Chicago Tribune as a stringer on the Chicago Wolves and for ChicagoNow as a writer before starting The Dog. He wrote for four years for as a media commentator and spent about 20 years in operations at city newspapers, including nine years as owner of his own distribution company. Prior to that he spent about nine years in public relations. Patrick has a Masters degree from the University of Colorado. He attended Eastern Illinois University for undergrad and Weber High School and St. Peter Canisius grammar school. The two-flat he owns was built in 1912 and has never been featured, to his knowledge, in any major motion pictures despite having a way-cool garden. Patrick purchased the property in 1994 and "couldn't afford to buy it now." His daughter is a college student in California. He lives in the house with his wife, Jane, and two cats who often sit in on his phone interviews.

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Lincoln Park Feasts on Rough Riders

October 15, 2015
Amari Freeman tries to break tackle

Lincoln Park High School (6-2, 5-1) handily crushed a smaller Theodore Roosevelt High School (0-8, 0-6) team 34-0 in a Big Shoulders conference game at Lane Stadium today. Lincoln Park’s Lions win will probably let the team head into the playoffs with a guaranteed second place finish, according to a statement by their Coach...
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Progressive Caucus Forms

March 12, 2013

Who is the Progressive Caucus and what is their first proposal? The area has a number of “progressives” on Chicago City Council including Scott Waguespack (32), Ameya Pawar (47) and often James Cappleman (46). Fran Spielman has a report on them at the Chicago Sun-Times
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Heart of Stockton

March 11, 2013

A tip of the heart to UptownUpdate which called attention to Stockton School’s Heart Program. The program was given a segment on WGN and the link will bring you a video report.   Read about the Heart Program (Plus Video) on WGN
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Winnemac Park Neighbors Hear From 2 Schools

March 10, 2013

About a dozen members of the Winnemac Park Neighbors group heard from community activist and Ravenswood School supporter Wendy Vasquez Thursday. Vasquez discussed how neighbors near Ravenswood school worked to create a ‘Friends of’ group that revitalized the school. The WPN plans to develop a similar structure for Chappell School and is working too...
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Football Losses Hurt More

March 9, 2013

Our friend, Neil Hernandez, the writer of the Chicago Public League Sports Blog, has some thoughts on high school competition. “Are all losses taken with the same amount of pain?” he asks. It depends he says. But he points to losses in high school football as being especially stinging.   Read Neil’s post
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Armed & Travelling: NRA Supports CTA Conceal Carry

February 22, 2013

The National Rifle Association has indicated it supports conceal carry aboard public transportation such as CTA buses, trains and Metra. However the Chicago Transit Authority is pushing back. “We think it would be disastrous to allow passengers to carry concealed weapons on our trains and buses,” ABC Local’s Chuck Godie quotes Graceland West Resident...
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Rahm’s Popularity Plummets

February 22, 2013

A survey of 600 likely voters indicates Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s popularity have taken some body blows, especially among residents outside the city limits. The survey, which found only 19 percent approval among Chicago and among Illinois voters, for the mayor is in contrast to surveys done during the term of former Mayor Richard...
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Taking Bikes and Tech Jobs From Seattle

February 22, 2013

A cycling site in Washington, DC spots a boast by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the opening of Dearborn Street’s bikeway and projects an apocalyptic war between Emanuel and Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn with the winner getting the other’s tech jobs. The ammunition is bicycling infrastructure. Saying Emanuel said Seattle was envious of Chicago’s Dearborn Street...
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Craigslist Robberies in 19th District

February 21, 2013

Our Urban Times reports that there have been two robberies associated with Craigslist sales in the 19th District. In both cases the buyer and seller agreed to meet in a pre-arranged spot and transact the exchange of an iPhone. However, the phone and wallet were taken when the buyer offered to exchange violence instead....
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GOP Committeemen To Receive Support

February 15, 2013

Cook County Republican Chairman Aaron Del Mar announced an effort to provide greater support to party committeemen, a post in Illinois Review says. The program will consist of developing a Committeeman Handbook of step-by-step guides, best practices and templates; a template for the office to develop the organization with a telephone tree, web site,...
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